Never have to borrow money ever again.

Get up to $500 of your device’s value while keeping and using your device – just pay $1 a day.

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Keep and use your device.

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How BuckUp Works.

We created the world’s easiest way to access cash from your stuff. 

Get BuckUp Value

Use our app to verify your device’s condition, confirm your identity, and get your BuckUp Value. All virtually. 

Get Cash

Within minutes get up to $500 of the BuckUp Value. No need to ship, drop-off, or go anywhere.

One-Click Sell

Ship the device anytime up to 30 days to get the additional BuckUp Value.

Fast Cash.

We’re supercharging everyone with the capability to unlock cash from their stuff in minutes.

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BuckUp Features

Keep And Use Your Stuff

Fast Cash Payout

Simple 5 Min. Online Process

Trusted Security

No Credit Checks or Interest

Help your wallet and the planet.

Devices You Can BuckUp:

iPhones, Android Phones, Google Phones, iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks.

You’re gonna love us.

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How does BuckUp work?
BuckUp is the easiest way to unlock cash.
Here’s how:
1. Virtually evaluate your device’s condition, confirm your identity, and get an instant BuckUp Value 
2.  Get up to $500 of the BuckUp Value instantly via virtual Visa card.
3.  Return cash when you want or ship the device and get the additional BuckUp Value in 24 hours.
Which tech devices can I BuckUp?
You can BuckUp variety of gadgets, including:
– iPhones, Samsung, Google Phones
– iPads
– Apple Watches
– MacBooks
FYI: We do not accept locked, financed, lost/stolen devices.
When will I get paid?

You will receive funds within 30 minutes of submitting your application. 

Payments are processed every day between 9am – 7pm Eastern Time.

Submitted outside business hours? We will process your application by 11am Eastern the next day. 

What condition does my device needs to be in?
We accept devices in all conditions as long as they  turn on, the touch screen works, and they charge properly.
I can’t find my device on the pricing app, what do I do?

If you can not find your device, most likely we do not accept the device. 

Feel free to contact us and confirm.

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